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Dreamy mattress layers. 

  •  Sink into 1 1/2" of Soft Convoluted Quilt Foam for ultimate comfort 

  •  Feel the support with 1/2" of Supportive Quilt Foam 

  •  Enjoy 3" of Super Soft Foam for a cozy, pressure-relieving experience 

  • Get extra support from the 1" Cotton Blend Support Pad 

  •  Rest easy on the 6" 480 Verta Coil Spring Unit. 

  •  Stay grounded with 1" Base Support Pad for added stability.



Sweet dreams await! 

 Get ready to sink into a cloud of comfort with luxurious layers.


  • Soft Convoluted Quilt Foam for pressure-relieving bliss. 

  •  ½" Supportive Quilt Foam.

  •  1" Super Soft Foam for ultimate comfort and pressure relief.

  • Mattress features 2 Cotton Blend Support Pads

  • Supportive 6" 480- Verta Coil Spring Unit.

  • Sturdy Base Support Pad for extra stability.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a world of cloud-like comfort!"

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