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We have expanded our inventory and our footprint. BargainMart now carries brand new mattresses from Old West Matress Company 

Customers ask why are our mattress prices so low and often think they are getting a cheaper quality mattress. That is not true. My lower prices are because of our lower markup. Most mattress stores double the price they pay and sometimes it may be even more.

I realize people work hard for their money and the next few years may be very challenging. I also own & operate a trucking company which is my primary source of income in addition to the BargainMart store. This allows me to lower my markup, relationships and having an established brand lends a unique opportunity. In addition to this, I am 67 years old and at a time in my life where helping people is more important than profit.


My markup on foundations is $10-$20 over cost.

Mattresses range from a low of $20 to a maximum of $200. You may ask any of my sales ladies and they are authorized to show you my true cost on any mattress, foundation, or frame you are interested in.


If you have any questions you may call or text(preferred) me at 719-636-3300 or email

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