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Rosalita Plush  - My Bargainmart_edited_edited.jpg

Enjoy a Plush and comfy feel with multiple layers of Copper and Memory Gel Foam.

  • ¾" Copper Performance Foam: Get that homeopathic hug and extra comfort. 

  • 1" High Performance Quilt Foam: Elevate your comfort game.

  • 1" Copper Memory Foam: Experience that contouring comfort with added benefits.

  • 1" Gel Memory Foam: Say goodbye to pressure points and hello to cozy comfort.

  • 1" Plush Foam: Comfort and pressure relief in one.

  •  Individually-Encased Coils: Heavy-duty support from edge to edge for durability.

  • Adjustable base friendly for your convenience!

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and sustainability.​


Rosalita Euro Top  - My Bargainmart_edited.jpg

Introducing the Copper Performance Foam Mattress, designed to elevate your sleep experience to the next level!

  •  High-Performance Quilt Foam and Plush 5-Zone Contour Foam provides tailored support and alleviates pressure points, giving your body the comfort it craves.

  • Premium Quantum Edge Individually-Encased Coils, you can say goodbye to roll-off sensations and disruptive movements, thanks to its edge-to-edge support.

  •  Support Base Foam offers a durable foundation.

  • Copper Memory Foam for enhanced comfort and numerous health benefits.

Upgrade your sleeping experience with the Copper Performance Foam– where comfort and creativity converge!


Rosalita Firm  - My Bargainmart_edited.jpg

Featuring cutting-edge materials for a luxurious night's sleep.

  • Soft as a cloud, Copper Performance Foam offers homeopathic benefits and enhanced comfort.

  • 1" High-Performance Quilt Foam, providing supreme comfort all night long.

  • 1" Copper Memory Foam offers both homeopathic benefits and personalized contouring comfort.

  •  1" Gel Memory Foam, ensuring ultimate comfort. Say goodbye to pressure points.

  • 1" Firm Foam guarantees a restful sleep with added comfort and pressure relief.

  • Individually Encased Coils provide durable support from edge to edge.

  • The Support Base Foam is a robust foundation for a genuinely engaging and relaxing sleep experience.

Upgrade your bedtime routine with our exceptional mattress collection!

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