What is My BargainMart?

We are a discounts salvage store selling a variety of items you will find in name brand grocery and drug stores with a significant difference.

Much of what we sell are items those stores have pulled from their shelves for various reasons. They may be slightly damaged, discontinued, seasonal, packaging change, out of date, or close to out of date. Often we have no idea why because they are in date and still being sold in their stores.

We buy bread, snacks, and other items from local route drivers who are required to pull their product from those stores when close to the “best buy” or “sell by” date. We also purchase new items from the local wholesale clubs to provide new items at prices comparable or lower than regular grocery stores.

We often buy complete semi loads at prices much lower than other stores wholesale price allowing us to sell at a lower price. At times you may see large quantities of the same item in our store because our loads come from regional reclamation centers who receive from 100’s of stores in their region. Stores often check there shelves on the same schedule so if each store happens to pull just 5 similar items we could get 500. Then, we may not see them again for 6 months or more.

With this type of inventory, we cannot guarantee the freshness of any given item, so we offer a money back guarantee with receipt, and we are always here to offer the best customer service possible via email, phone call or even social media messages. We want to be here for the community as long as we can.

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