Government Shutdown and SNAP/EBT

Recent news articles are stating EBT/Snap may be running out of money in February if the federal shut down continues. Jim is in the process of evaluating how My BargainMart can assist the families in our community who rely on EBT as well as school nutrition programs to feed their children.

According to CBS News "The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees SNAP at the federal level, is one of the agencies unfunded during the partial government shutdown. Although SNAP is automatically renewed, it has not been allocated funding from Congress beyond January. Congress has appropriated $3 billion in emergency funds for SNAP distribution, but that would not cover all of February's obligations?"

Being a small business, we have limited financial resources but if funding ends, we will be providing a large quantity of free and discounted food to our neighbors and friends who find themselves without the benefits from SNAP.

In addition, Jim is also contacting food pantries in our area to establish joint assistance programs. Being that most pantries distribute food weekly or biweekly, some may find themselves without food or funds from SNAP, and Jim wants to try to help bridge that gap during this uncertain time some are experiencing.

We are open 7 days a week and My BargainMart will be a backup source for food pantries between distributions.

Jim feels that having children going to bed hungry is a totally unacceptable to him and is doing his best to help while the shutdown disrupts so many lives.

Contact Jim at or call him directly if you or someone you know may be affected by this funding issue.

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