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Hello all!

We now have in place a loyalty rewards program through a company called Fivestars. When you come to the register to check out, we will ask you to enter your phone number into the tablet to the right of the plexiglass. Once entered, the cashier will give points to your account based on how much and how you pay. With EBT or Cash, you will earn double points, so bring cash or the quest card!

After you sign up you will be prompted with a link sent to your phone. Here you will want to opt in to receive emails and text messages. Texts and emails are sent by Jenn regarding BOGOs, shipment arrivals, or special deals for our loyalty members.

With this signing up, you will also share your birthday (just month and day) and when that day comes you will get a coupon to use at the store!

Some point info:

For every $1 you spend, you get 1 po

int. Should you pay with EBT or cash, you will recieve 2 points for every $1 spent.

- Example, if I buy $10 worth of groceries, and I use my EBT card, the cashier will add 20 points to my account.

- If I buy $10 worth of groceries and use my Visa, the cashier will add 10 points to my account.

For every 200 points earned, you c

an cash those in for $4 off your purchase.

For every 400 points earned, you can cash those in for $8 off your purchase.

or you can continue to save to 600 points, then you cash those in for $12 off your purchase!


I have 250 points, and I cash in 200 points on my $20 tab, I will then have $16 tab. Thereafter, my point balance is 50. You do not have to cash them in until you're ready. So if you prefer you can save up until you have 600 points and you can cash those in for $12 off!

Thank you so much for being a customer of ours, without you, we couldn't be here!

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